Lepower Exhibition I 2023 Malaysia International LED Lighting Exhibition has come to a successful conclusion. Liyang Optoelectronic Intelligent Lighting Solutions Leading the New Trend in the Industry!


On July 13-15, the highly anticipated 34th Kuala Lumpur International Lighting and LED Technology Exhibition (LED Light Malaysia) was held at the Kuala Lumpur Exhibition Center in Malaysia. LED LIGHT Malaysia is the largest professional exhibition in the lighting industry in Malaysia, attracting exhibitors and visitors from around the world. Shenzhen Liyang Optoelectronics Co., Ltd. was invited to make an appearance at booth C19. This exhibition showcases various lighting products and accessories such as LED street lights, floodlights, mining lights, stadium lights, modules, etc., showcasing the latest technology and innovative achievements.

As one of the important exhibitors of this exhibition, Liyang Optoelectronics fully showcases its LED technology strength and innovative products. The products of this exhibition are as follows: LED street lights: L36, L60, L68; LED floodlights: V6B, V18, V20; LED mining light: S2; LED modules: M13, M14, M05, M06, M30, MSL5030.

Malaysia is an important node in the development of the "the Belt and Road". As LED street lights have lower energy costs and longer service life, they are adopted by more and more cities. Liyang Optoelectronics will focus on showcasing LED street lights at this exhibition. As energy-saving and environmentally friendly lighting products, LED street lights have advantages such as high efficiency, energy conservation, long service life, and easy installation. They are increasingly favored by more and more cities and have attracted the attention of visitors.

The display area of LED street lights and floodlights is the most eye-catching place for the audience. LED street lights have become the preferred choice for urban road lighting due to their high brightness and low energy consumption. Floodlights play an important role in the lighting design of buildings, creating rich and diverse lighting effects by changing color and brightness. They can be widely used in areas such as building lighting and landscape lighting, providing beautiful and comfortable lighting effects.

In addition to LED street lights and floodlights, industrial and mining lights, as suitable for industrial lighting equipment, have a wide range of applications in the industrial field. The high brightness and stability of industrial and mining lamps ensure safe lighting in the workplace, improve work efficiency, and provide reliable lighting solutions for the industrial field.

At this exhibition, Liyang Optoelectronics also focused on showcasing module products. The module has the characteristics of high efficiency, good stability, and strong heat dissipation performance. It adopts high thermal conductivity extruded aluminum alloy and heat dissipation technology that meets fluid mechanics, reducing temperature rise and effectively extending the lifespan of the module, greatly saving maintenance costs. Liyang Optoelectronics' module products are committed to providing more efficient and reliable solutions through continuous innovation and optimization.

The crowd surged at the exhibition site, attracting a large number of industry elites and professionals to visit and exchange ideas. With leading innovative design, fashionable appearance technology, excellent quality, and excellent performance, the company's booth has attracted a large number of industry elites and professionals to stop and exchange ideas. Through this platform, visitors can learn about Liyang Optoelectronics' latest LED technology and innovative LED products, jointly explore the development direction of the LED lighting industry, promote industrial cooperation, and promote sustainable development of the lighting industry.

As a leader in the industry, Liyang Optoelectronics has always maintained a keen and proactive understanding of the industry's development trend. The multiple lighting fixture products launched at this exhibition not only meet market demand but also efficiently promote the development of the industry. This highlights our core philosophy of serving customers wholeheartedly and guided by market demand.

In the future, we will continue to uphold the concept of innovation and quality first, and pay more attention to energy conservation, environmental protection, and comfort, continuously providing customers with higher quality products and services. Join hands with industry elites to create a better lighting environment for people and jointly promote the development of the LED lighting industry.


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