Lepower Optoelectronics I July 2023 Outstanding Employee Recognition Conference Award Ceremony!


Starlight does not ask the passersby, time does not disappoint those who have a heart, and efforts will always be rewarded! Recently, the company held an award ceremony to thank outstanding employees in the manufacturing system for their hard work. In July, a group of outstanding grassroots employees emerged in the company, who spared no effort and put in all their efforts to fulfill their duties in their positions. The company held a commendation meeting for these outstanding employees at the headquarters, thanking them for their diligence, motivating them to continue working hard and pursuing excellence, and calling on all employees to learn from them!

In this exciting award ceremony, company leaders, department managers, and all employees participated together, creating a warm atmosphere. The company leaders expressed their appreciation for the hard work and outstanding performance of all employees, and emphasized the importance and value of employees in the development of the company. They encouraged employees to continue to maintain a spirit of struggle and work together to create a more brilliant tomorrow.

The outstanding employees this time come from grassroots positions in the lighting production department and device production department of the company. Each winner has received an honor certificate and bonus issued by the company to recognize their outstanding performance and achievements in their positions.

Lighting Production Department - Yang Yuanmin: Proactive and responsible in daily work, able to solve various problems in the production workshop and create value.

[Lighting Production Department - Gan Yong]: In addition to ensuring the completion of personal work, able to take on multiple tasks bravely, skilled in repairing various difficult and complicated lighting fixtures, is a versatile workshop expert.

Lighting Production Department - Deng Dan: Take responsibility for work, strictly control the quality of lighting fixtures, practice product as character, and ensure the company's brand image.

【 Device Production Department - Li Qiuxia 】: Proactive in work, contributing to the smooth progress of production workshop work and creating self value.

【 Device Production Department - Liang Wanji 】: Strong work execution ability and good coordination, with a positive and upward work attitude, is an example for employees to learn from.

【 Device Production Department - Wang Ting 】: Careful and responsible work, timely error correction and reporting, creating the value of excellent employees.

【 Device Production Department - Chen Huaming 】: If any errors are found, report them and correct them. The serious and responsible attitude towards work deserves recognition and recognition.

The award-winning employee gave a speech when receiving the award, thanking the company for providing a good development platform and opportunities for the employees. They also thanked the company for its trust and love and awarded the title of "Excellent Employee". Looking forward to the future, treating it as a spur to oneself will carry honor, continue to work hard, and contribute more to the development of the company!

This excellent employee recognition conference reflects the company's concern for employees and the importance of talent. The excellent employee recognition conference is not only a stage for recognizing outstanding employees, but also a moment for all employees to celebrate together. Let's learn from them together and remember together: we are participants in the Liyang family, and more importantly, builders. Let's work together!

The company will continue to uphold the concept of motivating employees and stimulating their potential, providing employees with a better work environment and development platform, and jointly creating a better future.


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