Lepower Optoelectronics Smart City Lighting IoT Big Data Management Platform Adding Smart Brain to Cities


Whenever night falls, the lighting in Shenzhen always arrives as scheduled, drawing a dynamic map of Pengcheng with dots and lines. When Shenzhen people have long been accustomed to being accompanied by light and shadow, looking forward to the future, what can the illuminated light still illuminate?


During the 2023 Shenzhen (International) Urban Environment and Landscape Industry Exhibition, manufacturers from all over the country gathered at the Shenzhen Convention and Exhibition Center. They provide two clear answers, one related to the operation of smart cities and the other related to the creation of cultural value. Regardless of which option, the value of lighting is beyond the radiance, empowering the high-quality development of the city.

Can you imagine how many functions a light pole can carry? Shenzhen Yuedaming Smart Technology Group Co., Ltd. has provided a solution for Futianyuan Expo Park: there are 21 options. In addition to LED lighting, various supporting facilities such as 5G micro base stations, wireless network APs, and information release screens are added to the lamp posts. With their technical support, up to 28 functions can be integrated.

In 2018, Yang Chengmin, Chairman of Guangdong Daming Group, decided to upgrade the company's business and open up a new track of smart lighting beyond traditional lighting sources. Back then, 5G technology was on the eve of the commercial explosion. Yang Chengmin happened to attend a communication industry forum and heard a speech from China Tower Company, which sparked the association of combining lightpoles with 5G technology. If we compare roads to the blood vessels of a city, then smart streetlights are the nervous system of the city, "Yang Chengmin said, pointing to the case of the company landing in Shenzhen as she unfolded her promotional brochure.


With the support of new technologies, street lights have great potential in urban security, environmental monitoring, and urban appearance management. Many lighting companies see business opportunities and have also joined the blue ocean of smart lighting. Jiangmen Mingyin Lighting Co., Ltd. joined the bureau in 2019. Nowadays, its smart street light products have developed to the fourth generation. This time, Vice General Manager Du Xiaoying led colleagues to bring five different styles of smart street lights to the exhibition, and the cooperation parties who came to negotiate continued to wave.


 Our customers usually choose surveillance cameras and promotional displays for street lights, "Du Xiaoying revealed." In third and fourth tier cities, there are also customers who install charging stations for new energy vehicles. "Not long ago, Mingyin Lighting installed about 400 smart street lights in Tengxian, Wuzhou, Guangxi, of which 70 were set up next to parking spaces and equipped with charging stations. On the one hand, various types of functions are integrated on street lights, saving the cost of municipal construction, "she explained." On the other hand, local governments can also rent promotional screens and charging stations to earn a certain amount of financial revenue


   However, the key to driving smart lighting to seize market share remains 5G applications. Mingyin Lighting has reserved 5G base station installation ports for all smart street lights in accordance with the requirements of Tengxian. If technologies such as autonomous driving are to be promoted on a large scale in the future, smart street lights spaced 20 to 30 meters apart will be able to provide a communication network with wide coverage and excellent signals.

Smart lighting adds smart brains to cities

     If smart streetlights are the nervous system of a city, then the smart lighting management platform set up in the background is the brain that controls the nervous system. At the exhibition site, Shenzhen Liyang Optoelectronics Co., Ltd. specially placed a touch screen to demonstrate the smart city lighting IoT big data management platform to the audience.


Our intelligent platform has nine basic functions, and using 'one network', we can control the operation status of lighting fixtures point-to-point, "said Cheng Weiping, Deputy General Manager of Liyang Optoelectronics. Originally, each smart street lamp was equipped with an intelligent terminal controller, which was linked to the control center through multiple communication protocols for signal transmission.

Through this platform, the distribution location of lighting equipment, as well as data such as voltage, current, and energy consumption, can be easily accessed. Managers can set street lighting parameters with one click, change brightness and other values in real-time, and automatically adjust lighting strategies based on the changes in lighting throughout the four seasons.


In the event of an unexpected event, such as a car collision causing the lamp pole to tilt or water flooding causing electrical leakage, the sensors inside the lamp pole will notify the system to alarm and generate a maintenance work order for the operation and maintenance team to follow up throughout the entire process.

For Guangdong Daming Group, there are larger goals. In 2020, led by the group, 22 lighting, communication, materials and other enterprises jointly launched the Shenzhen Smart Street Lamp Association. Under the framework of the association, Guangdong Daming Group hopes to extend the service capabilities of the smart lighting management platform to the field of urban management.


      Yang Chengmin believes that smart streetlights collect a lot of information related to urban operations. Enterprises may want to take a step further and use AI algorithm intelligence technology to assist departments such as urban management and comprehensive law enforcement in developing corresponding management functions. For example, as long as our streetlight cameras detect businesses selling indiscriminately on the street, this information can be synchronized with government departments to help Shenzhen's urban management do better, "he said.

Streaming Light and Splendor Driving Regional Night Economy

  Cities not only require intelligent lighting, but also exciting lighting, "said Tang Guoqing, a member of the Standing Committee of the China Lighting Society and Director of the Semiconductor Lighting Technology and Application Professional Committee. Currently, in many old district renewal projects, the weight of lighting is becoming increasingly heavy, and cities rely on the magic of light and shadow to achieve a butterfly transformation of the landscape.


     The person in charge of Shenzhen Qianbaihui Intelligent Engineering Co., Ltd. believes that urban lighting is an art form and cultural expression, and people showcase the cultural history of the city through lighting design and construction. Nowadays, under the stimulation of the night tourism economy, landscape lighting is increasingly tending towards specialization, miniaturization, and refinement. We have found that more and more customers are shifting from pure public welfare investment to more consideration of output ratio and economic return when creating urban night lighting landscapes The person in charge said.


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