Lepower Optoelectronics LED low level lighting guardrail light L33 is the most groundbreaking innovative product!


      Liyang Optoelectronics has once again achieved breakthroughs in continuously promoting technological progress, launching a new lighting product - the low position lighting lamp L33, which is an innovative and unique product. The new product adopts the latest lighting technology and meticulous design, aiming to bring better visual effects and a more comfortable experience to your lighting environment.



Low position lighting lamp L33 has a small volume, light weight, no dust accumulation, and adopts a special lens design, which improves the light efficiency by 8%. Its performance is stable, with low light attenuation and high light efficiency. The low level lighting adopts an embedded design, with fast response, no flicker, high-efficiency constant current drive, energy saving of 60%, and has overcurrent, overvoltage, lightning, and high temperature protection to ensure the stable performance of the product. The product has a long service life of up to 50000 hours, is green and environmentally friendly, pollution-free, can be connected to solar power supply, reduces costs, and has a protection level of IP65.





The low position lighting lamp L33 adopts high-quality materials and manufacturing processes, with high light efficiency, low light attenuation, long service life, and reliable performance. The low position lighting lamp L33 not only has excellent lighting performance and durability, but also provides a brighter, softer, and more uniform light environment. The low level lighting L33 adopts an integrated product design, which is easy to install and does not require additional wiring arrangements.

The low-level lighting lamp L33 can achieve different lighting effects by adjusting the luminous angle, meeting the lighting needs of different places and providing good lighting effects for these places. Liyang Optoelectronics has won unanimous praise from global customers with its high-quality products and services, as well as continuous innovation spirit. Let's look forward to this innovative product playing a greater role in various fields together.


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