Lepower Optoelectronics high-power and high-efficiency VCSEL laser module, helping the new era of intelligent intelligence!


With the rapid development of artificial intelligence and the Internet of Things (AIOT), the application of laser modules has ushered in a broader development space. Traditional laser modules are mostly visible light. With the widespread application of AIOT, in order to reduce and avoid light pollution, invisible infrared laser modules have become an ideal choice.


Liyang Optoelectronics VCSEL laser module independently develops high-power and high-efficiency optical design, with an output power of up to 120W and a typical electro-optical power conversion efficiency of up to 38% at 25 ℃. High electro-optical conversion efficiency can reduce the thermal load of the entire machine, while high slope efficiency can reduce pulse current, thereby improving the switching speed of the driving chip.

Product characteristics of VCSEL laser modules

The VCSEL laser module has the characteristics of high reliability and high radiation intensity. The peak wavelength of the VCSEL laser module is λ P=808 nm, certified lead-free, ESDHBM 4000 V.

VCSEL laser module solution



The Liyang Optoelectronic VCSEL laser module has a wavelength of 808nm, which is characterized by high reliability, wavelength stability, narrow spectrum, and low thermal resistance. In high-capacity application markets such as consumer electronics, there are more significant cost-effectiveness.

Optical power

The output power of the Liyang Optoelectronics VCSEL laser module is up to 120W, and the high power density can reduce the packaging size and optimize the system architecture.

Optical Design

The purpose of optical design is to provide the beam shape and size required by the system within the working distance range, while optimizing performance and achieving cost reduction.


The product performance is stable and reliable, and can be accurately positioned according to the application scenarios of end customers, providing personalized customized solutions.

Application Fields of VCSEL Laser Modules

VCSEL laser modules can be widely used in fields such as vein scanning, gesture recognition, infrared lighting, virtual reality technology, 3D sensing, LiDAR, security, medical, 3D facial recognition, and assisted driving, and have been widely recognized by customers.


VCSEL vertical cavity surface emitting lasers have advantages such as low cost, high reliability, and surface packaging, making them the best choice for lasers.


VCSEL laser module application for detecting vein scanning


Application of VCSEL laser module for fingerprint recognition


Application of Virtual Reality Technology in VCSEL Laser Modules


As one of the important laser emitting devices in LiDAR, VCSEL array light sources have attracted increasing attention in the LiDAR application market due to their advantages of low manufacturing cost and easy two-dimensional integration.


With the exponential growth of future data volume, it will promote the continuous growth of demand for optical modules and other products in the data industry. As a pioneer and leader in the VCSEL industry, Liyang Optoelectronics continues to expand the application of VCSEL in various fields, providing customers with one-stop, diversified VCSEL laser module products and technical support.


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